Koenigswinter: Touristy merely Fun

Koenigswinter may hold out the nearly visited High German town you've never heard of. Rhine cruisers - twenty-four hours trippers (it's 50 minutes from Bonn yesteryear boat) or lengthy excursionists - halt hither at the human foot of the Drachenfels (Dragon) Mountain.
Legends of dragons too knights were the depict for Lord Byron too other romantics. The Counts of Drachenfels sported a winged, burn breathing dragon inwards their coats of arms too Siegfried is supposed to conduct hold slain the dragon which lived inwards a cave on the hillside.

Today, the castle is inwards ruins too the entirely dragons yous are probable to run across volition hold out inwards logos too on store signs.

As yous walk from the ferry dock upwards into the quaint medieval town (you operate out "flat too level" amongst the river) expect downward at the entrances of houses too shops. The occupations of the original inhabitants are indicated yesteryear picturesque tiles.

The "castle" nearly Koenigswinter tourists see was neither a stronghold nor fifty-fifty lived in. Schloss Drachenburg, halfway upwards the mountain, was the Gothic fantasy condition symbol of Stephen Sarter, who had been born into a middle flush Bonn business solid unit of measurement of hotel keepers too made his fortune inwards the Paris stock market.

Status too paradigm inwards the patch of his nativity were all for Sarter, who glorified himself too the onetime glory of FRG at the same time. He started his castle inwards 1882 too was made a baron inwards 1881 yesteryear Duke George von Saxony-Meiningen afterward a payment of 40,000 gilded marks.

Sarter, who became a French citizen too died inwards a tiny Paris flush inwards 1902, never lived inwards his castle although he was buried inwards Koenigswinter below his folly. His nephew allowed guided tours of the castle, the Roman Catholic church building ran a boarding schoolhouse on the grounds too the Adolf Hitler School took over inwards 1940. Now owned yesteryear a North Rhine-Westphalia foundation for preservation of local monuments, it is in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than a tourist attraction.

The views of the Rhine from the terrace are stunning, the tour of the castle's interior is interesting too the grounds are lovely.

Warning: Getting at that topographic point is a hike, amongst steep hills too lots of steps. The Drachenfels Rail, a rack railway too the oldest mount railway inwards Germany, volition accept yous nearly of the way. only yous volition conduct hold a steep colina too 17 steps to accomplish the station.

Tip: H5N1 footling develop volition accept yous from the Rhine to the 17 steps upwards to the station; it runs every thirty minutes or so.

Warning: Once yous brand it at the rail's terminus, yous volition conduct hold 37 steps up, about other brusk colina too 22 to a greater extent than steps to accomplish the castle's master copy level.  Once at that topographic point yous conduct hold xi steps to the kickoff flooring entrance too 34 steps to the 2nd floor.

Tip: There is a elevator too yesteryear saltation of 2011, improvements should cutting out the kickoff 37 steps from the train.

You powerfulness prefer watching traffic along the Rhine from the terrace at the Maritim Hotel Koenigswinter. The following bar is a groovy house to snug inwards amongst an adult potable if the conditions turns moisture or chilly.

Koenigswinter: Touristy merely Fun