Fiji Day at Taveuni Paradise

Our end amount 24-hour interval on Taveuni was spent at Paradise, snorkeling, relaxing, indulging inward a massage inward the opened upwardly air Serenity Spa where body of body of water breezes cool what a deft masseuse comforts, learning close Republic of the Fiji Islands civilisation in addition to experiencing a traditional lovo dinner.

Seeing brilliant bluish coral in addition to every bit bluish star fish was a revelation. So was seeing how coconuts are cracked, used in addition to prepared.

Coconut trees are to Fijians what pigs are to Southerners who utilize everything merely the oink.

Young leaves are woven into baskets, former fronds into thatched roofs. When green, the nuts create juice skilful for drinking, hangovers in addition to mild illnesses. As the nut ripens its juice becomes crude for cooking in addition to its flesh is worked into creams in addition to balms. Fully ripened, coconuts autumn past times themselves i or 2 at a time. The juice is gone merely the flesh is at its best.

A sharpened metallic pole in addition to sweat are used to husk the nut which is cracked alongside a machete or stone at its soft spot.

Husks are used for straining the juice from the grated flesh. The nut itself is planted in addition to volition sprout about other kokosnoot tree.

Fronds are woven to concord the meats in addition to strips from the kokosnoot tree roots are used to brand a handbasket for the meats in addition to vegetables steamed over coals inward an hole-and-corner burn pit.

Sauce made from the flesh in addition to its crude becomes the tangy sweetness condiment that enhances the contents of a lovo dinner.

While it was cooking, Mai Keli taught the women how to necktie their sulus into skirts in addition to dresses in addition to the men how to plication theirs together.

Tied in addition to folded nosotros enjoyed cocktail hr (s) inward Fijian manner earlier sitting at the long tabular array for our lovo feast.

Meanwhile, villagers in addition to their children gathered for a political party featuring the traditional kava ceremony, singing in addition to music-making alongside about unconventional instruments.

We ate, drank in addition to danced until good past times bedtime.

Morning arrived all also shortly for those of us taking the early on flying out in addition to the beautiful morning time made it fifty-fifty harder to bid good daytime to Paradise.

Fiji Day at Taveuni Paradise