Almost normal in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than together with ready to travel

If you've missed novel posts, Levelers, know that it can't endure equally much equally I've missed traveling. It's been over a twelvemonth since flu kicked off 2013, the twelvemonth from hell health-wise.

Broken pes shipping - boot, knee-cycle as well as shoe.
H5N1 broken left pes during a trip to the Outer Banks inwards Apr sidelined me for 3 months of no weight-bearing, no practice as well as no driving.

Broke the go drought amongst the annual Good Girls inwards the Badlands route trip (see, this twelvemonth through cardinal as well as western Georgia, despite badly swollen as well as all the same sore foot.

On the agency from scenic develop to Blue Ridge emergency room. Photo past times Debi Lander.
While waiting for the divergence of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, made a incorrect deed as well as my left (artificial) hip dislocated. Two months as well as ii to a greater extent than dislocations later, the expert surgeons at Mayo Jacksonville performed a hip revision, confirming that the principal occupation was a rare condition, trunnion corrosion (mine is the 18th illustration seen inwards 10 years), exacerbated past times those 3 months of no weight-bearing.

I've been inwards rehab always since.

The bad news: Still accept unopen to other calendar month or then to become of monitored physical therapy amongst a lifetime of it on my own.

The expert news: I've been cleared, amongst restrictions, to wing to Portland, OR, for a coming together as well as unopen to sightseeing the destination of February.

So, after a twelvemonth of beingness wrapped, strapped as well as braced, motivating via knee articulation and  electrical scooters, walkers as well as canes, I'm heading for the Level (and not-so level) to in ane lawsuit over again part amongst yous the easiest go routes.

Almost normal in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than together with ready to travel