Disneyworld's New Fantasyland for Levelers

Ribbon-cutting rehearsal. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
The expert tidings nigh Disneyworld's New Fantasyland: it's flat.
The bad tidings nigh Disneyworld's New Fantasyland: you lot volition walk together with stand upward a lot.

To hold out fair, most of the walking volition hold out done getting to together with from parking lots. The New Fantasyland is nicely compact.

Tip: There are a few stairs but inwards every instance at that topographic point are ramps every bit good although that adds to the walking.

What to regard
New Fantasyland is divided into 3 areas, Beauty together with the Beast, Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid together with Storybook Circus.
Maurice's Cottage. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

Beauty together with the Beast is the most impressive section, containing the Beast's Castle alongside its Be Our Guest Restaurant, Maurice and Belle's Cottage, Belle's Village, Gaston's Tavern, Bonjour! Village Gifts and the Enchanted Forrest.
Lumiere together with Belle. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

The "attraction" hither is Enchanted Tales alongside Belle inwards Maurice's Cottage. Visitors get together into groups of nigh 25 to hold out welcomed together with to instruct into through the enchanted mirror into a dressing room where Madame Wardrobe (voiced alongside gusto past times the wonderful Jo Anne Worley) provides the props for the characters - selected from the crowd - inwards Belle's tale of coming together the Beast. Next it's off to the library where, aided past times the volunteer cast, Lumiere together with Belle say her story. It's a fun bit, thank you lot to the audience participation.

Tip: You'll stand upward during the assembling together with introduction to the enchanted mirror together with thus sit down on benches for the casting together with storytelling. If accompanied past times children, displace to instruct a topographic point inwards the front end where you lot together with they stimulate got a ameliorate lead chances of beingness volunteered. Volunteers instruct a osculate from Belle together with a majority mark.

Detail of a "beast" inwards Beast's Castle. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Even if you lot don't conception to swallow there, operate through the gates together with across the rock dyad to regard the within of the Beast's Castle. Carefully plotted together with executed details get down alongside the Armor Hallway, where the 6 suits of armor whisper occasionally. The ballroom is is grand, the Rose Gallery is pretty together with the forbidden West Wing is dramatic alongside its ripped portrait together with belled-jar covered rose. Altogether impressive.

Entrance to Under the Sea. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Under the Sea - Journey of the Little Mermaid, situated merely below the approach to the Beast's Castle, is ane of the cleverest of Disney's novel creations. You current of air through a coral-banked walkway into a body of body of water cave alongside its wrecked galleon together with pirate treasure. Myriad details, including a tribute to the outset nether the body of body of water ride, the Nautilus of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, lessen the expect thus pay attention. Finally you lot make a moving business of clam shells which stimulate got you lot through a black ride that retells Ariel's story. Delightful from start to finish. You tin run across Ariel herself inwards Ariel's Grotto.
The clam shells don't halt thus you'll ask to move. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

Tip: The alone occupation hither is getting into those moving clam shells but staff is at that topographic point to help.

Continue walking away from the castle together with you'll hold out in Storybook Circus which recreates inwards groovy particular the heyday of the big tops.

Now at that topographic point are ii Dumbo rides. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Flying alongside Dumbo, ever a pop if likewise brusk ride, has doubled its capacity. Now you lot tin pick out betwixt a Dumbo flight clockwise or ane going counterclockwise. Best of all, there's no waiting inwards the common sense. Get a pager upon entering together with thus play inwards the circus expanse until it buzzes for your ride time. Clever, those Imagineers.

Here comes the coaster. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
The Barnstormer, a relatively gentle coaster, is directly the Great Goofini together with Disney characters are met at Pete's Silly sideshow.

Get sprayed past times an elephant. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
 Centering the circus is Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station where cartoonish elephants spew H2O from their trunks which the kids volition love, specially inwards summer.
Ride the train, relieve steps. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

Tip: Cut out a lot of steps past times catching a nostalgic develop at the Fantasyland Train Station hither to caput to about other purpose of the park.

Where to eat

Beast's Ballroom. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
By day, Be Our Guest Restaurant within the Beast's Castle is a rather elegant, French-themed version of Disney's touchstone quick lodge together with swallow stops. By night, however, it becomes a finer dining institution alongside tabular array service and, a outset for this Fantasyland, vino together with beer to accompany the French-inspired cuisine.

Gaston's for pork shanks together with LeFou's brew. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Gaston's Tavern, the hamlet version of an lodge together with eat, is a fleck disappointing. The huge cinnamon rolls are pop but the enormous pork shanks are rather off-putting. That together with a few snack choices are it other than the "signature" drinkable (shades of butterbeer), LeFou's Brew, $9.99. Actually, the drink's non bad, but a brew together with a pork shank every bit tiffin fare may shortly stimulate got dietitians signing petitions of disapproval.

Coming next... Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Still to come upward betwixt directly together with the terminate of 2015, Princess Fairytale Hall together with The Seven Dwarf's Mine Train.


Disneyworld's New Fantasyland for Levelers