Inside Atlanta

Ready to acquire for the greenest motorized tour inward Atlanta.
Atlanta is a fascinating metropolis amongst an interesting history, exactly it tin live hilly in addition to is hot inward summer. This tin acquaint problems for Levelers, exactly I've establish a solution. Just remember, touring a metropolis you lot mean value you lot know tin live an humbling eye-opener. I've been visiting Atlanta since I was 7 years old,  exactly on a metropolis tour amongst ATL-Cruzers, I saw novel sides of the city.

The relatively novel society offers Segway tours exactly nosotros piled into their five-passenger-plus driver/guide electrical cars for a 90-minute tour of downtown, during which nosotros saw in addition to learned that

• Thrasher, Marthasville in addition to Lumpkinsville were amid Atlanta's several previous names.

Sweet Auburn Avenue was where the affluent African American community gathered including John Wesley Dodd, who began equally a postal clerk, rose to wealth in addition to was the piece of cake Mayor Maynard Jackson's grandpa in addition to Martin Luther King Jr.'s mentor. Aretha Franklin debuted hither the Top Hat, similar a shot known equally the Royal Peacock. The Sweet Auburn Bread Company makes the best sweetness murphy cheesecake inward town.

King Center. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Ebeneezer Baptist Church, similar a shot a museum,  in addition to the King Center where MLK Jr. in addition to his married adult woman are buried are a national park. Both Martin Luther King Sr. in addition to Jr. were originally named Michael.

The Kings lived here. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
After reading close Martin Luther, King changed his in addition to his 5-year-old son's advert to Martin. The yellowish in addition to chocolate-brown family is where MLK Jr. was born.  

Don't resist the Cremolattas. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Lotta Frutta is a must halt for Mexican-Ecuadorian breakfast, lunch, coffees, smoothies in addition to their famous fresh cutting fruit cups. Say hi to La Duena,  Myrna Perez Cifuentes

Now anyone tin rest inward Inman. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
• The Inman surface area was the master copy millionaire's row. Designed to continue the ordinary citizen too equally the riffraff out, lots lonely terms $3,000 inward 1890! One of the master copy houses  Sugar Magnolia, is similar a shot a bed in addition to breakfast.  Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler lived  here.

The lastly calendar week of April, the Inman Park Festival attracts all of those ordinary people to tour a dozen roughly of the houses, for a fee.

Cabbage Town in addition to the Edgewood neighborhood are fast becoming an amusement in addition to foodie hot spot.

Oakland Cemetery, opened 1850, is a fascinating surface area to wander. Here you lot volition abide by the lastly remains of Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones in addition to Maynard Jackson. Every summertime at that spot is the Tunes from the Tombs music festival.

Bring your appetite to Municipal Market. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
The Municipal Market, known to locals equally the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, is a non bad farmers' marketplace where you lot tin nosh on the cuisines of xi unlike countries in addition to endeavor a slice of that sweetness murphy cheesecake.  USA Today named it 16th of the world's top twenty farmers' markets.

SoNo, South of North Avenue, is where you'll abide by Emory University too equally Gladys Knight in addition to Ron's Chicken in addition to Waffles Restaurant

Margaret Mitchell lived here. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Midtown Village is where you'll abide by the Flying Biscuit, a 24-hour breakfast spot, the Interactive Rock in addition to where Margaret Mitchell lived inward a basement aeroplane she referred to as  "the dump."

Skyview Atlanta. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
• Next came Georgia Tech, the Varsity, the striking novel Center for Civil in addition to Human Rights, side past times side to World of Coca Cola, the unexpected Skyview Atlanta ferris bike ($15 for 2 rotations, $30 for 4 rotations inward the clear-bottom VIP gondola) in addition to nosotros were dorsum at domicile base, entertained in addition to surprisingly wiser.


Inside Atlanta