Sleeping on H2O ice at the Hotel de Glace, Quebec

Popsicle for a night


Levelers, many receive got asked what it was similar to pass the nighttime at Hotel de Glace, our continent's exclusively H2O ice hotel. Here it is.

Hotel de Glace. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Imagine a queen-size bed of H2O ice inwards a room of compressed snow. Now imagine sleeping on it later on wrapping yourself inwards a shroud-like lining together with encased mummy-like into an aptly named mummy sleeping bag.

Kind of similar beingness a tightly-wrapped Popsicle inwards a deep freeze.

Me amongst Tom Griffith of Deadwood, S. D. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
That was me at Hotel de Glace, North America's exclusively H2O ice hotel, exterior of Quebec City, Quebec.

What they don't say yous on the website or during the tours fills the 25-minute session on how to slumber inwards below freezing temperatures together with wake upwards breathing.

First, taste the hotel's amenities:  

• Drink upwards at the H2O ice bar. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

      • Dance inwards the following disco. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

• Slip downwards the H2O ice slide. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

Chapel. Photo © past times Judy Wells.

 • Tour the hotel.

• strap on a duo of snowshoes or skis together with striking the trails.

2. Get your torso temperature upwards past times hitting the hot tub followed past times a session inwards the dry out sauna. Oh, together with you'll receive got to lay on a bathing adjust together with hustle through the snowfall to larn there. Don't larn your pilus moisture or it volition freeze. It did. Fortunately, it doesn't snap off similar icicles.

3. Come dorsum into "camp," the heated Celsius, dry out off thoroughly - moisture is what makes yous mutual frigidity - together with larn dressed for bed inwards anything except cotton wool which holds wetness. Better yet, wearable nothing. No i was that brave or foolhardy.

Sleeping sleeping room inwards Hotel de Glace. 

4. Go into your room - sleeping sleeping room is a amend term because yous don't linger hither - together with larn the big dark bag. Pull out the lining, pillow together with sleeping bag, replacing them amongst anything yous don't desire frozen such every bit your shoes together with coat. Store an extra duo of socks together with valuables such every bit jail mobile telephone phones together with cameras at the bottom of the sleeping bag. Don't lay your spectacles on the bedside table; it's H2O ice together with they'll freeze to it.

Photo © past times Judy Wells.
5. The best agency to business together with handbag yourself is to stand upwards atop your bed.
Photo © past times Judy Wells.

Oh, the bathrooms are a snowy trek away inwards roughly other building.

Sweet dreams.

It's an sense similar no other, i best suited for young, agile bodies able to stand upwards on the "bed" to footstep into said enshroud together with bag. The less agile volition travel constantly reminded that the bed is H2O ice together with the flooring is snowfall together with their bodies are non going to piece of occupation along those drinks within all night.

Do tour the hotel; it's quite beautiful together with every yr there's a unlike subject to the decor. Photo © past times Judy Wells.
Take my advice, Levelers. Go receive got a look. Try a gulp inwards a hollowed out H2O ice cube drinking glass together with accept the tour. Then larn dorsum to your nice, warm, comfy hotel room amongst its bath for real sweetness dreams.

Tip: The compacted snowfall makes a decent surface for walking precisely in that place are icy spots together with thus wearable those snowfall boots together with travel careful.

Sleeping on H2O ice at the Hotel de Glace, Quebec