3 Ways to Organize Argentina Travel

In a country of many and diverse attractions, organizing an Argentina travel plan is no easy task. There are the most obvious limitations, time and budget, but for visitors who want a comprehensive view of the country on the trip of a lifetime, there are a few essentials to cover. To the question of which Argentina tours to pick, the following article identifies different ways to organize a travel plan based on different goals and interests.

 For travelers who are short on time or who would like to spend most of their time in one place without too much domestic travel, there are definite must see. Buenos Aires is at the very top of the list with lots going for it including dining, museums, tango, football, bookstores, parks - basically, the culture that is specific to Buenos Aires. Although frequently termed the "Paris of the South" and with visible European influence in the architecture of its buildings and the appearance of its population, the port city is so much more than a derivation of anything European. Buenos Aires is something distinctly its own, the result of centuries of waves of immigrants adapted to a local context. In short, the city is not to be missed.

 That said, there are many Argentines not from Buenos Aires who will argue that you risk a myopic view of the country if all you see is the capital city. This is also true. The vibe of cities such as Cordoba, Mendoza, Salta, Rio Gallegos, is completely distinct and smaller towns and cities across Argentina also have their own thing going on, frequently less stressed out and more laid back than Buenos Aires.

 If time is short, complete your Argentina tours package in Buenos Aires with a stop in Mendoza or Iguazu, two other highlights of the country, each with distinctive offerings. Travelers who wish to indulge in the pleasures of wine country should extend their vacation to Mendoza, situated at the foothills of the Andes, which conveniently provide opportunities for adventure to balance things out. Travelers who prefer the spectacular sight of a natural wonder should travel to Iguazu Falls. The Argentina side provides the chance to get up close to the falls with boat rides and short treks that offer great views.

 Another way to organize travel to Argentina is by narrowing in on a specific interest. If nature is your thing, you will want to head to Patagonia, where the highlights are wildlife, lakes, and glaciers. Perito Moreno is the most accessible glacier when traveling out of El Calafate. Bariloche is ideal for travelers who love hiking trails or skiing during the austral winter. Finally, Puerto Madryn is the place to go for whale watching, scuba diving, and wildlife observation. You can even extend your vacation by going to Ushuaia at the extreme southern tip of Argentina or even venture out to Antarctica on a cruise.

 Finally, for those graced with plenty of time or who want the most complete South America travel itinerary possible, you can combine Argentina travel with a trip to neighboring countries such as Brazil (via Iguazu and up to Rio de Janeiro) or Chile (to Santiago via Mendoza or via Perito Moreno) or even Peru to see South America's manmade wonder, Machu Picchu. In sum, the variations are endless but as long as you can narrow down your interests, you're well on your way to figuring out a plan for Argentina travel.

3 Ways to Organize Argentina Travel