Best Top Five Durban Attractions

Durban is the South Africa dream vacation manufacturers, it provides, it is a must need some kind of direction, where you can find the best resort. In Durban, there is so much to see and do, and how to spend time there and enthusiastic tourists in Durban, is almost unlimited. 

 Golden Mile
 South Pier stretches from Vetch's gold zone, the iconic Sunshine Coast Casino, from end to end, the vast expanse of beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants and exciting entertainment for the entire family. Gorgeous Indian Ocean beckons, if the weather is good, bring umbrellas, towels and a variety of bats, balls and board, and under the glaring sun in Durban, spent a whole day!
 uShaka Marine World
               Africa's largest marine theme park and the world's fifth largest aquarium, uShaka is truly must see from the bold young and old rides and aquatic Pool extensive collection of marine life. It has both freshwater and saltwater, entertainment, tied up in a huge wreck and collected boutiques and indigenous African theme. Flights to Durban Time activity, water rides, dolphin displays and delicious food, aquarium in the Village pedestrian street and charming shopping experience. Luxurious accommodations like Silver sands Hotel and Durban Spa. A, within minutes 

 Botanical Garden
               The Botanical Garden is by far the best picnic spot in Durban. There are more than 475 kinds of trees, including South Africa oldest jacaranda and a Encephalitis the Foodie's - cycads, is widely considered to be the rarest plants in the world a E "shipped from Nagoya forest nearly 100 years ago. Largest palm and cycad exhibits found in the herbarium of the many temptations of Braille clues and tea plantations, stunning grounds. 

 Umgeni River Bird Park
 More than 3,000 indigenous and exotic birds, Umgeni River Bird Park is only 10 minutes' drive from Durban Flights. The park itself is about four hectares, located at the foot of the famous Umgeni river is very steep cliff. There are many endangered species found in grounds surrounded tumbling waterfalls, palm trees and lush tropical plant life. 

 Moses MabhidaStadiums
               Moses Mabhida Stadium is named after the local working class hero, and located under the ABSA Stadium. This is a world-class multi-purpose stadium for the design and construction of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Durban's skyline is a major icon. It has a fairly unusual arched Arc de Triumph, and the entire city from the top, from more than more than 100 m of coastline.

Best Top Five Durban Attractions