Exotic Backwaters in Kerala

Kerala lovingly called as Land of Malayalam is the most sought after tourist destination in entire India. A recent survey announced by the Google Team says that Kerala overtakes Agra as the most search destination of India. Absolutely Kerala is such a destination which entices all sorts of vacationers throughout year. Though, Kerala has bags of allures but the most and must visit site is its pristine backwaters. There are numerous backwaters sites in this state and truly is the most enticing for the vacationers as its offers them wonderful memories which they will cherish forever.

Kerala backwaters are the most renowned tourist attractions in the entire world and the vacationers to Kerala go crazy as they explore this charming beauty in the state. The best way to enjoy these tranquil backwaters here is by canoeing or to board the houseboat and enjoy a peaceful ride over these shimmering backwaters where you can feel the beauty and tranquility of the atmosphere drenching you completely. Well almost all the cities of this state is blessed by peaceful backwaters but some of the most popular one are at Alleppey, Kuttanad, Kumarakom, Cochin, Thiruvallam and Kollam. 

               Well you must be wondering how the Kerala backwaters are formed is it so than I have some piece of information on these which I would like to share with you. The backwaters are naturally formed by the brackish lagoons which lie parallel to the gorgeous Arabian Sea. The exotic backwaters in Kerala compromise of five large lakes which also has been linked together form by canals and are fed by 38 rivers. A different ecosystem that includes a mix of freshwater from the rivers and sea baptize from the Arabian Sea makes these backwaters an absolute home of an array of aerial and amphibian species. Some of the popular backwater regions of Kerala are:

               Kottayam and Kumarakom are in spitting ambit and appropriately acclaimed for their backwaters. Kumarakom is an array of small islands and canoeing actuality reveals some of the best of resorts and accustomed attractions. The cruise trip from Kumarakom to Kottayam is a have to travel. 

               This region has the Ashtamudi Kayal which is bargain accepted as the gateway to the backwaters. 30% of Kollam is covered with backwaters and from actuality tourists can biking to Alappuzha, which takes about 8 hours and is as well said to be the longest cruise in Kerala. This cruise an actual accepted one as it takes the traveler through the admirable assortment of lotuses and water lilies. 

               This allotment of Kerala is abounding by tourists all the year round. The bisect assortments of the abjure canals accept becoming the city-limits the appellation of getting the 'Venice of the East'. This abode is as well the host of anniversary Snake baiter race and as well serves as the abject for abounding houseboat cruises. 

 Located in North Kerala, Kasargod is an accepted backwater destination and yield one on ancestry cruises to the adjacent hamlets of Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba. Bird watching is as well an interesting activity that can be enjoyed while cruising.
 Backwater is one of the most important facets of Kerala and fascinates every day-tripper who comes to India. Plan a backwater cruise in Kerala and reside the memories that you will admire your absolute life.

Exotic Backwaters in Kerala