A journey into the Heart of Iceland’s music festivals

Every year Iceland hosts dozens of music festivals, both in summer and in winter. Below is a concise list of music festivals in Iceland, showing you exactly where to go to discover the gems of International and Icelandic music.

Sónar Reykjavík offers you the best concerts/DJs in electronic music combined with audiovisual productions from Iceland, and from around the globe. For 3 nights, on 5 stages and with over 70 artists and bands, the prestigious Harpa Venue transforms into a massive nightclub where creative expression through dance is a certainty.          

Reykjavík on the first day, which is then followed by blues festivities and concerts at the Hilton Nordica Hotel.

Isafjörður, in the Westfjords,  where Mugison lives, and welcomes the best of Icelandic music. One year Sigur Rós showed up in cowboy hats and performed hillbilly versions of all their old tunes. All concerts are free of charge!

Reykjavík; it’s been nicknamed Festival of the Midnight Sun, because it takes place over the summer solstice weekend... 72 hours of music,  and the sun that doesn’t set... quite a program!

Isafjörður in the Westfjords. This bazar is organised in co-operation with the Iceland Academy of Arts. Traditional music and classical music are on the program, and the bazar offers lessons and workshops by renowned musicians.


Siglufjörður (folk music festival) begins on the first Wednesday of July and offers concerts, conferences and workshops to promote traditional Icelandic music and Icelandic instruments. Steindór Andersen and Sigur Rós made a noticeable appearance there in 2009.

The British bazar ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties), were invited in 2013, to the old military base of Ásbrú, close to Keflavík, and return every year for a few days at the beginning of July. Good quality International bands (Belle & Sebastian, Public Enemy, Portishead, Mogwai, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) performed at ATP,  as well as upcoming local bands. Amazing concerts, cinema, DJs and other activities have made ATP successful for three years in a row.

Reykjavík vibrates to the sound waves of the bazar and music can be heard everywhere!

Joanne, Iceland24
November 2015

A journey into the Heart of Iceland’s music festivals