Where to dump RV waste water in Iceland? - Camping in Iceland

If you have already decided to rent a motorhome for your Icelandic trip, this article is a must read for you. We will talk about where to dump the waste waters and refill the fresh water tanks, and also what to expect from petrol stations in Iceland. Camping services will also be commented… as I said, do not miss this post!


Let’s start with the Reykjavík and Keflavík offer this service:


Olís Álfheimar. Suðurlandsbraut 49 - 108 Reykjavík

Olís Háaleiti. Háaleitisbraut, 12, 108 Reykjavík


Olís Básinn. Vatnsvegi, 16, 230 Reykjanesbær

ÓB Reykjanesbær. Fitjabraut 2-4, 260 Reykjanesbær


There are some companies that offer full service in some of the stations as N1, Skeljungur and Olís. They usually also have groceries, cafeteria or restaurant and most important: clean restrooms. Olís for example offers free WiFi and free coffee and have many stations with services as car wash area, portable toilet drain or public WC. You can check the different stations and services on this interactive map.

Some gas companies decide to low the price in a selected station to promote their low prices, but as we explained, you will have to refill the tank wherever you need it, there is no point to look for the bargain. However Icelandic gas companies are quite competitive and you will not find big price differences between stations. You can check prices in different areas and companies here.

There is a sign that you will have to remember during for trip. It’s the signal that informs about lavatory disposal facilities. Here is a complete map from the Environmental Agency of Iceland with all the authorised lavatory disposals on the island: http://www.ust.is/library/Skrar/Kort/kort-seyrulosun.html


We will talk about campsites now. When looking at where to dump waste water tanks, it’s important to know that many campsites have a dump station and offer facilities to refill the tanks with fresh water again, but nothing is for granted. Make sure you plan ahead and check about the services offered by the campsites you plan to stay. Many campsites have a web or at least an email address where you can get information in advance. A search engine might be useful in these cases, as it will show you the campsites available for your dates and you can also search by services offered. Ring Road, there is a campsite just when you get to Höfn http://www.campsite.is/ where you can dump the waste tanks and refill with fresh water, even if you will not be staying overnight.


If looking for a camping in Reykjavik in particular where to empty your grey waters before returning your motorhome, you can do it at the Reykjavík campsite, in Sundlaugavegur 32, Reykjavík.

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Where to dump RV waste water in Iceland? - Camping in Iceland